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  • on July 29, 2007 -
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We’ve been fostering for Lab Rescue again, and recently had a new foster dog, Jake. He was quite a sweetheart, and a big attention hog. For the first few days he and Max didn’t get along — Jake was trying to assert dominance over Max, and Max is a total wimp by nature and let Jake walk all over him. It got to the point where Max wouldn’t go into our dog room to get water if Jake was around, and wouldn’t even come back into the house from outside if Jake was anywhere near the door. So, we had to get involved and build up Max’s confidence and demonstrate that Max was ahead of Jake in our family hierarchy: Jake wouldn’t be fed until Max was done, he would sleep in a crate in the family room while Max slept in our bedroom, and he wouldn’t get attention unless Max got some first. After a few days of that things became more balanced, and he was a great foster dog. He was adopted last weekend by a family who’s been spoiling him rotten — just as a lab should be spoiled!


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