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You’ve got mail(box)!

In other news, two weeks ago our mailbox was knocked over by a car during the night. We found it laying on the ground, its wooden post split in half, and tire marks on the curb and lawn. We were one of the few houses on the street who still had our original builder-installed “El Cheapo” mailbox, so we suspect it’s a plot by the Home Owner’s Association to get us to upgrade :-)

Long story short, we have a new mailbox. Since I’m sure you’re dying to see it, here you go. The most important feature is the little yellow sticker that says “Stop littering our lawn and driveway with free newspapers! Print is dead!”


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  1. Jim
    August 7, 2007

    oooooooooo! I need one of those little yellow stickers! Is this an unspoken agreement between you and your trash-delivery person or is this a universal sign? And when will you be gone so I can steal it off your mailbox?