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PET scan results

Back on August 22 I posted a “[[wplink 3-month-health-update-2]]” blog entry, explaining that I had just had my follow-up PET scan. Especially clever readers may have noticed that I never posted the results of that scan.

The earliest oncologist appointment I could get was about 3 weeks after the scan, on September 12. When we went to the appointment, we were expecting the scans to show no activity at all, just like the one 3 months earlier after my last chemo treatment. However, the scan did show activity, only it wasn’t in the small bowel where my lymphoma was… this time the activity was in my colon and my stomach! The scan write-up was completely non-committal about what this could mean:

“While these may both represent physiologic uptake or secondary to inflammation, lymphomatous involvement is not entirely excluded and cannot be definitively distinguished by image.”

We scheduled a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy in order to get some tissue biopsies from both areas to get a more definitive answer. The colonoscopy was last week, and the endoscopy was this morning. We should have the results of the colonoscopy biopsies in a few days. On the bright side, the colonoscopy showed my insides to be at least visually much better than during the few exams, with much less Crohn’s inflammation.

Looking forward to getting these results, since the “uncertainty roller-coaster” gets pretty frustrating after a while.


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