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It’s blog theme refresh time again
  • on December 18, 2011 -
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It’s blog theme refresh time again

Well, despite the fact that it’s been a year since I wrote anything here on my blog—mainly due to a shift in focus to posting on The Last Pixel instead—I decided this week it was time to freshen things up on my personal blog.

Looking through the site I found many stale, uninteresting, or just plain broken pages from years ago. I’ve fixed most of those issues, and invested some time in re-organizing content and updating the blog’s look-and-feel to something more modern and clean. There are still a few old pages to clean up, and some new content I want to add, which will be completed soon.

For posterity, here’s a look at the “outgoing” blog theme, live from September 12, 2007 through December 18, 2011. theme from 2007-2011


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