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lady-sm.jpgLady is the first dog we’ve fostered. Although we’ve dogsat several of friends’ dogs, this was a totally new experience for us. We brought Lady to our house March 3, 2001. She adjusted quite quickly to the other dogs and to our house. She LOVES to cuddle and give kisses, and is a total attention nut! If we pay attention to our dogs, she comes right up to us, sometimes stepping right on top of dogs to get her share of attention. Sometimes she’ll even pat our faces to remind us to pet her (Unfortunately she forgets she has claws on the end of her paws).LRR believes Lady is a mix between lab and flat-coat retriever (the same as our Quinn). She’s a petite dog, weighing in at about 45 lbs. She gets along great with our dogs and we’ve caught them horsing around several times. Lady is a very young dog, probably around 1-2 years of age and has discovered chewing. She’s already broken in a pair of my sister’s boots, and one of my shoes. She seems to eat, more than chew, items since we can never find the leftover pieces.

LRR believes Lady has had an abusive owner in the past. We’ve noticed that she’s very submissive around loud voices and sudden movements. She’s also had a problem with submissive urination in the past. Other than those few problems, she’s a total sweetie. She’ll roll over on her back to get her share of tummy rubs and although she’s not a chow hound, she begs with the best of them!

Update, 05/01/00

Lady stayed at our house for almost two months. In that time, she became more confident and much less submissive. She absolutely loved Sheba and Quinn and vice versa. They played together so often, it almost drove us nuts. They always seemed to find the most inconvenient times also; when we were watching tv, or on the phone topped the list. She also found all the holes in our fence, and went exploring a few times, but she always came to us when we called for her.

A great couple came along and adopted her. They already had a black lab they got from a shelter in the past and wanted another lab. When the two dogs met, they hit it off right away. The couple also seemed very taken with Lady and she seemed to like them too. They saw one other lab, but decided that Lady was the dog for them. We think its a great match, and although it was tough to let her go, we knew she’d be really happy with her new family.