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We didn’t panic, but we did lose power for two days (and went through pretty severe gadget and internet withdrawal, probably more-so than heat withdrawal). Between the news, facebook, twitter, and everything else, the big storm (32.4 inches of snow here in around 36 hours) has been well covered, so instead of going on about it, I’m just going to post some photos from the big event (and a couple from the December snowstorm).









Spring is here

Last week we had some beautiful weather, and the cherry trees along our driveway bloomed more fully than in the past few years. I took the opportunity to take a couple photos… just in time, it turns out, since two days later, half the blossoms have already fallen, and the trees are half green, half pink now.


Snow & Neighbors

We had a pretty decent snowfall today… a few inches of really enormous snow flakes. Kathie and I had to take Max to the vet in the early afternoon, and when we got back we were shocked to see our driveway was completely cleared (via a snow thrower)! We parked, looked around, and saw our neighbor across the street (Brian) shoveling his walkway and asked him about it. As it turns out, after clearing his own driveway with his snow thrower, he made his way down the street and did 7 other drives! Our driveways aren’t exactly small either. What a nice surprise and nice gesture!! We usually subscribe to the “it will get warmer and melt eventually” method of driveway clearing.

The hawthorn trees at the end of our driveway looked very pretty with their red berries standing out against the white snow. I grabbed the camera to get some photos, but it was already raining pretty steadily so I only spent about 20 seconds on the attempt:




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Revenge of the Wind

I thought the wind last week was bad, when it shredded our patio furniture. The wind this week made last week’s wind seem like some wimpy, baby wind on training wheels. I guess they were calling this week’s event a “nor’Easter”, and it definitely packed a punch. Our patio table seems pretty insignificant when you look across the street at Scott and Sue’s newly redecorated home: (photo taken from our driveway)



The power of wind

Well, we had some really crazy wind last night as the cold front came in, dropping our temperatures from the 70s to the 30s. Not surprisingly, the wind blew all our deck furniture over to one side of the deck. Surprisingly, the nearly 8 foot long dining table, with a big (closed!) umbrella through it attached to a giant HEAVY base filled with sand decided to rip itself to pieces, depositing the giant glass table top onto the deck at high speed, and the rest of the table and much of the glass went over the side of the deck. It’s much easier to explain with pictures.

Table before (sorry, no pic with umbrella):

Table this morning:

Rest of table:

So, we spent the morning vacuuming the grass (how often do you hear that?) since it was completely full of glass, and cleaning the deck and walkway etc. Now we need to go table shopping.