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1993 Saturn SC2

1993 Saturn SC2

In 1993 I purchased my first NEW car – a Saturn SC2. Since I’m picky about what colors and features I like, I custom ordered it on May 15th. It was built on May 25th, and I picked it up on June 3rd.

The color is “Plum”, which is kind of a maroon with a little bit of purple. The options I ordered were Antilock Brakes, Air Conditioning, Rear Spoiler, Cassette Player with Equalizer, and Power Windows/Locks. Transmission is manual.

I kept the car until early 1998, at close to 60,000 miles.


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  1. Ventrol
    January 22, 2009


    Very beautiful Strong Econo car, my Saturn went up to 285 000 Miles and still running very strong Manual Transmission. I recommend a good Air Intake, New performance headers, good Spark plugs. I can do 0-60MPH in 7.8Seconds with those stuff i told you. I drive my car hard and rev to much high and still year to come the car still running in good shape. Yours have a long life too. Twin Cam engines are awesome dual overhead cam i use 93 Octane gasoline and Synthetic Oil. i love Saturn SC2 take care of your Saturn not many nowadays on the road compared to Civic acura’s and Mazda’s. Also change Oil regularly Saturns likes that.

    Peace Mr SaturnSC2