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LRR foster dog Brock Brock is a 3-4 yr old black lab mix weighing in at about 75 lbs. He’s probably mixed with a little bit of shepherd which you can see in the ears and the coat. Brock’s previous owner found out he was in the shelter, but was unable to pay to get him released. His original name is Broccoli and he’ll actually respond very well to both names. He is housebroken and crate trained. Brock is a low energy dog, but gets along great with other dogs. Currently Brock and a dog we’re dogsitting will literally play for hours. He will play with other dogs if they want to play, but he is just as happy to sit by you and get lots of hugs and kisses.Brock is actually the most affectionate lab I’ve ever met (so far). He truly believes he is a lap dog and will do just about anything to get his whole body into your lap. His favorite trick is to come up to you, put his head as far into your lap as he can, then flip over on you to get his belly rubs. He loves to give kisses, but he’ll also give love nibbles when he gets a bit excited, especially on the ears.

We believe that Brock was fed human food from his old owner since he plants himself very close to anyone with human food. Also, he doesn’t eat dog food very fast, and will sometimes have leftovers (which is up for grabs for the fastest dog in our household). Brock is a bit overweight and needs a little bit of exercise to work some of it off. He will retrieve balls, but he will get distracted outside and sometimes forget to bring the ball back to you. He walks pretty well on a leash, with only a little bit of pulling. We’ve tried to take him swimming in a pool with little success. We persuaded him into the pool once where he did swim around, but was unable to convince him a second time to come in, and he ignores the kiddie pool we have in our backyard.

Brock is actually already spoken for, but we were still working on an ear infection which is almost fixed. So unfortunately we won’t have him for much longer. We’ll miss him a lot, but the new home he’s going to has a 9 month old puppy that he can play with all day, and then Brock can flop down for hugs and kisses from his new family.


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