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connor1.jpgI think LRR was meant to have Webster. About a year ago, LRR saw Webster in a shelter and wanted to rescue him, but another person adopted him from the shelter before LRR could, so off he went to his new home. Unfortunately the new owner wanted Webster as a junkyard guard dog because he was black and big (over 100lbs), and I guess the owner thought Webster looked pretty mean. However Webster is a lab after all, so he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. Webster was put outside in the junkyard to guard, but the junkyard got broken into a few times and he probably didn’t do anything more than bark and wag his tail. The owner figured if he didn’t give Webster any food or water for a few days at a time, that would make him meaner, but that didn’t work, so after about a year the owner brought Webster back to a different shelter to try to find a meaner dog. Fortunately there was an LRR volunteer at that shelter at the same time and recognized Webster so LRR ended up taking him!The first time all of us saw Webster was at the LRR Christmas party in December only a day after he had been picked up from the shelter. Poor thing was so frightened by all the people he stood around shaking the entire time. However he really loved all the petting and attention we all gave him. LRR found out he was heartworm positive and treated him. He’s doing just fine now and probably needs just one more treatment in June to finish it all off.

We got Webster in February. He is a gigantic lap dog! He weighs about 105 lbs and all he wants to do is crawl as close to you as possible for lots of petting and loving. He is huge though, because when he jumps on me his paws rest on my shoulders and he’s as tall as me. That makes him quite an effective counter-surfer! We’re used to dogs going up on the countertops to check out food, so we’ve always just moved all our stuff as far to the back as possible, but that doesn’t work for Webster. We went out for a quick trip to the grocery store and when we came home, everything that was on the counter was on the floor! Including what used to be chocolate donuts (I’m sure Sheba and Quinn cheered him on and helped finish up the donuts) and even inedible items. We’ve started to put all our counter items into cabinets and shelves so Webster can’t get to them anymore.

He is quite gentle though and plays pretty well with Sheba and Quinn, more with Quinn than Sheba. We think Webster must be going through his puppy phase again because he is a voracious chewer! He ripped apart a stuffed animal that’s made it through about 4 other dogs before him and it was gone in about 10 minutes after he got his jaws into it! He also made a pretty good dent in our rubber flying saucer, which we thought was indestructible! And the weirdest thing is that he goes after all our rubber doorstops! We’ve had to take them all off (and hope our doors don’t get damaged) so that he doesn’t put them all in his mouth. He is an absolute sweetheart though.

Webster is now in a great new home with two brothers (water spaniels) and great humans. After they got Webster, they went to three different pet stores that same day to find him a crate that fit. They absolutely adore Webster and I’m sure he loves his new home. We can’t wait to see him at the reunion picnic in May!


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