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  • on May 18, 2002 -
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LRR foster dog Gabby (small) When Gabby came home with us, we fell for her right away! She’s a really adorable dog, with lots of cute “puppy” traits. She’s probably around 18 months old. Probably the first thing we noticed about her was that she was very mouthy. She’d nibble your hands, ears, anything she could reach, to show affection. We’ve been trying to break her of that habit and she’s gotten much better. Gabby’s also a voracious chewer. The first day we went to work and left her in her crate, we came home to find the dog bed in the crate torn to shreds! She’s chewed up virtually indestructable hard rubber dog toys, and tears through stuffed animals in minutes.

Gabby is very submissive to a stern voice. A “NO!” will have her crouching on the floor and smiling at you. She’s still growing and has a very healthy appetite. She doesn’t generally go on furniture, but will jump onto the bed for a few minutes when she wants some attention or affection. Speaking of affection, she’s like most labs, and can’t get enough! She’ll roll on her back for her belly-rubs, and complain if she doesn’t get enough. You may be wondering how she got her name – it turns out Gabby is also a “talker”. She doesn’t usually bark, but she talks in a calm, quiet voice. Sometimes it sounds like she’s honking like a goose, which can be really funny!


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