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2005 Honda Pilot

Kathie’s Isuzu Rodeo committed suicide on I-95 during a long drive from Raleigh, NC back to VA in January, 2005: it ran out of oil at 70 MPH. We had to get towed on a flatbed 100 miles back, with Kathie and Quinn trying to stay warm in the back of the freezing Rodeo while I was in the tow truck. The engine damage was too severe to repair, so it was time for a new SUV.

We looked at both the Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot. They were both really nice. In truth, I like the Highlander a little more than the Pilot, but the Pilot was heavily discounted, and we were able to get it for about $5,000 less than a similar Highlander. So far, it’s been great—much more reliable and comfortable than the Rodeo ever was!


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