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  • on October 25, 2006 -
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Wednesday was my appointment with my gastroenterologist who’s been treating me for Crohn’s since the beginning of this year (after my previous doctor stopped accepting our insurance carrier, United Healthcare), and who recently referred me for surgery (which was the best decision we ever made!). The biggest shock was that he said his interpretation of the pathology report is that I’ve never had Crohn’s disease, and that my symptoms may have been caused by Hodgkin’s all along. The prednisone I take for Crohn’s is also used to treat cancer, so it might have been keeping the Hodgkin’s at bay.

This makes no sense to Kathie or me, so my GI doctor is having some additional tests (pANCA/ASCA serum tests) run to determine the likelihood of me having Crohn’s or not. It’ll probably take two weeks to get those results. In any case, he’s terminated all my Crohn’s drugs (Pentasa and 6MP currently), since he doesn’t think I have Crohn’s and there’s no point in treating me for Crohn’s. That’s fine by me, since I feel the drugs haven’t really helped at all during the 5 years I’ve been taking them, and one of them (6MP) shouldn’t be taken during chemotherapy.

Very confused…


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