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  • on October 26, 2006 -
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I had my follow-up with the surgeon Thursday. I’m healing quite well from the small bowel surgery of two weeks ago, and all looks good with that. We spent most of the time chatting about the new diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma, and what that means, as well as the doubt now cast on the original diagnosis of Crohn’s disease from 19 years go. The surgeon isn’t quite sure what to believe… he doesn’t think I could have had Hodgkin’s for all that time, but he agrees that the tissue analysis should have been able to detect Crohn’s if it was present. He suggests maybe I’ve had something else all this time, like IBS, and the Hodgkins is fairly recent. As he pointed out though, he’s really just a spectator in all this, as the oncologist and GI are the doctors I’m going to be spending most of my time with.

I’ve called the Johns Hopkins cancer center to ask for a second opinion / analysis on the diagnosis and treatment plan since this is such a strange case.


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