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  • on October 31, 2006 -
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PET Results

The oncologist emailed and called today with the PET scan results. Overall, the results are about the best we could have hoped for. They showed a small amount of “activity” around the surgery site, and nothing elsewhere in the body. Also, my blood tests indicate that it’s unlikely that my bone marrow is affected. The PET scan activity is a little indeterminate around the surgery site though since it could be due to my healing from the surgery — but at least we know that there isn’t any cancer anywhere else in my body!

He also let me know that he sent my removed intestine to another pathology lab, the best lab in the country supposedly, so we can get another independent verification. It’ll take a week or so to get the results. Assuming they confirm the diagnosis, I’ll be starting ABVD chemotherapy in a few weeks. I’ll probably have to have it for 4 months, which is the shortest therapy time.


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