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Well, my first chemo session is now officially scheduled for November 29th at 9:15am. Then I go back the next day for Neulasta to increase my white cell production. Tomorrow is chemo training class for two hours. That should be interesting. I was also contacted by a co-worker today who heard about my situation, and wanted to let me know that he was diagnosed with Hodgkins 7 years ago, went through chemo and radiation, and has been cancer-free since then! It’s always reassuring to hear success stories, and to be able to talk to someone you know, who has gone through something similar.

In other news, our post-surgery, pre-chemo vacation is finally coming together! We got plane tickets to St. Lucia although our original hotel plans fell through (the hotel had no vacancy for the final day of our vacation), so we’re looking for new accommodations. It looks like there’s quite a few nice places to stay on St. Lucia so we should be able to find something good.


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