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Yesterday we prepared the traditional Thanksgiving feast of… lasagne! It was quite yummy, and a lot less involved to prepare. We’ll be doing turkey at Christmas, so we don’t mind waiting a little longer for it. Besides, can you really prove that the pilgrims didn’t have Lasagne with the American natives?

Nintendo Wii shopping today was a bust… everyplace was sold out really early, and most places have no idea when they’ll be getting their next shipment. Still, we weren’t about to get up at 5am to go shopping. It’s just not that worth it!

In one of those freakish coincidences, Kathie and I went to visit Caleb and Val today for lunch… Caleb was cooking for us, and wanted to make something that we probably hadn’t had recently, so he did some thinking on “what food do people probably NOT eat around Thanksgiving?” and came up with – you guessed it – lasagne! It was quite excellent, so we don’t mind having it two days in a row, plus it made for a pretty funny lunch discussion. It was good to see Caleb and Val again, and their son Emory for the first time, since we haven’t been able to get together since their wedding!


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