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  • on December 1, 2006 -
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Chemo Day 2

After yesterday’s short novel, I’ll keep today’s update short. Woke up at 5am and was wide awake (probably because I went to bed at 8pm!). Took my second Emend pill for nausea. Went for Neulasta shot at 10am. Overall, had a pretty easy day of it… no nausea, slightly tired throughout the day but nothing too unusual. Worked from home part of the day. Around 2pm I started getting really sleepy all of a sudden, but ended up working through it and felt fine again by 4. Started feeling the Neulasta “bone pain” in the evening, in my left leg, arm, and shoulder (not sure why just the left side). Took two Tylenol for it which helped, and went to bed. Unfortunately, I woke up at 4am with the Neulasta bone pain everywhere. Two more Tylenol has dulled it considerably, but it’s still quite noticeable. It should only last a day or two.


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