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  • on December 2, 2006 -
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Chemo Day 3

Friday started out fairly well, but took a decided turn for the worse. The bone pain from the white blood cell growth which woke me really early was annoying, but fairly controllable with Tylenol throughout the day (although my left arm hurt all day long). I decided to return to work for the day. I had no problems with breakfast, but my lunch tasted really disgusting. I assumed it was because the AOL cafeteria was, as usual, far from the peak of culinary achievement. After lunch though my mouth and tongue started hurting all over, as if I had lots of sores (one of the expected side effects of chemo). I started rinsing with warm salt water as instructed. For dinner we went out to a favorite restaurant, where the food looked delicious to me, but I immediately discovered had no flavor at all, and I could only eat a little of it. It seems I’m in the “all food tastes funny” phase of chemo that I’d heard about. Yuck. Hopefully this will only last a few days after each treatment, but I’m not sure yet.

Silver lining: almost no nausea so far. The only time I have any nausea is when in the car, and then it’s very low-grade nausea unless I close my eyes, in which case it comes on much stronger. Having never been car-sick or sea-sick or any other kind of motion-sick in my life, I finally have an appreciation for Kathie’s tendency to get car-sick easily.


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