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  • on December 13, 2006 -
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Chemo round 2

Today’s second round of chemo (technically the second part of my first treatment cycle) went much more smoothly than the first. We got off to a late start – I was in the waiting room until 10:40 even though my appointment was for 10am – but finished around 2pm, so a little over 3 hours of actual treatment.

The new port worked great, and saved time in lots of ways. I was hooked up to the IV in about 20 seconds instead of many minutes, and it left my hands and arms free which made laptop use much easier. The three “push” drugs took about 30 minutes total, and the final “drip” drug took almost two hours. Next time I’m going to ask them to speed it up because it’s only supposed to take 60-90 minutes.

I had no ill effects during the treatment, but about half an hour after getting home, I felt a wave of fatigue hit me. I stretched out on the sofa, and was sound asleep in a minute. I’ve started my “clean mouth” routine to try to prevent a recurrence of last treatment’s sores when my WBC count crashes. I’m hoping I’ll be able to work most of the day tomorrow, leaving early to get my Neulasta shot in the afternoon.


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