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  • on December 17, 2006 -
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Getting the hang of things

This second treatment has gone more smoothly than the first in every way. I guess knowing what to expect helps to prepare, both physically and mentally. The bad food taste was the first symptom to hit, a day earlier this time (Thursday). Fortunately, it still only lasted about two days, just like last time, so by Saturday food started tasting more normal again. The mouth pain and sores are back, but not as severe as last time, probably because I started the “clean mouth routine” the day after chemo. The routine includes brushing teeth at least 6 times a day, rinsing with salt water, and rinsing frequently with the “magic mouthwash”. The pain is annoying, but not debilitating like last time.

I went to work Thursday and Friday, and ended up having a really busy day Saturday, so I think I over-did it a bit. Tried to go out and do things Sunday, and started feeling really tired, dizzy, and nauseous and had to come home. Crashed into bed and slept for a couple hours. Guess I need to be realistic and not try to pretend I’m not going through chemo! I’ve also again got some cold symptoms – headache, runny nose, etc. like last time. Hopefully in a couple days I’ll be mostly better and will have avoided any new symptoms. Going to try to take tomorrow at a slower pace.


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