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Nice to feel normal

It’s been just over a week since chemo number 2, and yesterday I’d say I felt almost completely back to normal. That’s a big improvement over the first round, where by this time I was unable to keep food down, unable to sleep, and had terrible headaches. I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist on Monday, and he said I was doing quite well. My blood tests that day were very good, not only compared to the previous round, but even compared to my normal levels. The only thing that was still low was my red cell count. That’s been low for me for a while due to my Crohn’s disease and poor absorption of folic acid and vitamin B-12. I’ve been bad about remembering to take my folic acid supplements, so I need to fix that and see if I can get the red counts up. I’ve been working all week as well, which feels good, although I notice that I start getting tired in the afternoon and need to stop before 5pm. I’m glad that my chemo timing means that I’ll feel completely normal for Christmas, since we’re making a big turkey dinner (since we skipped the turkey during Thanksgiving this year).


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  1. Sue
    December 21, 2006

    Yay!! Nice to see smiley faces on your charts! ;)