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Time flies when you’re feeling good…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last blog entry. The week seems to have gone by really fast, which I guess is because I’ve been feeling mostly good and going to work this week. My only complaints this week are being unusually tired every day up through Wednesday, which is probably to be expected, and having pretty bad headaches also through Wednesday. From discussing with others on the Hodgkin’s Forum, it sounds like many people get similar headaches while going through chemo. I also think my vision has gotten slightly worse (another common complaint during chemo) so I’ll be making an eye doctor appointment soon. Some people say their vision improves again when they’re done with chemo, some say it stays worse.

Another side-effect of chemo — a side effect I don’t mind at all! — is that I get to skip next week’s business trip to Bangalore, India that most of my co-workers are going on. Silver linings…

It’s January 6th and it’s supposed to be a record-breaking 70 degrees here in Northern Virginia, so Kat and I will be taking down our outdoor Christmas lights and decorations this morning, and I’ll probably give my car a quick wash. It sure doesn’t feel like winter, but I don’t really mind! Most of our day will be spent at the Labrador Retriever Rescue annual business meeting. I have a growing list of new features I want to add to the LRR web site, but I need to set aside more time to work on them. After learning PHP programming at the beginning of this year, I’ve almost finished converting the web site from Perl to PHP, and now I’ve just started learning Ruby programming (the “latest and greatest”) so may end up doing it all over again! More likely, I’ll be lazy and will end up with a mix of programs in all three languages :-)

This week is chemo week, so it’s a blood test on Monday (last week was the first week without a blood test since starting), chemo on Wednesday, and Neulasta shot on Thursday.


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