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  • on January 15, 2007 -
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Another week, another chemo

Wednesday the 10th was treatment number four out of 12. Today (Monday the 15th) I seem to be on the upswing out of the chemo symptoms, so I’m willing to say I’m 33% done! Number four was much like number three — Thursday I felt pretty good, but by Friday I started feeling it. As usual, the most bothersome side-effect was altered food taste, though this time it was more like I had a continuous bad taste (kind of bitter / metallic) in my mouth all day Friday through Sunday. I also felt much more tired and weak this time around, as well as a little more nauseous, though my oncologist says that’s going to be more common now as the “cumulative effect” of the chemo treatments starts adding up.

In other news, Kathie and I are still casually shopping for a Nintendo Wii without success. We were at E. B. Games yesterday and they said the last couple times they got shipments, there wasn’t a line overnight, just a line right before opening, so hopefully most of the hardcore buyers have gotten their fix and we can have a shot at it soon.


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