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  • on January 23, 2007 -
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Snow Wii

We weren’t really expecting snow yesterday (forgot to check the forecast for a couple days), or we would have taken the SUV instead of the Acura when we went out for the day. The roads were snow and ice covered by the time we were on our way home, and we ended up having a little adventure. Driving along a road with a slight incline, we came across an SUV sideways across the road, spinning its wheels. We had no choice but to stop, and that was our mistake. As soon as our car stopped, it started sliding backwards down the road, then the front rotated around so we were sliding sideways! Eventually the car ran into the curb and stopped, but was stuck. The guy from the SUV had gotten his car oriented correctly, so came to help me push the Acura out while Kathie put it in reverse. We got it backed out from the curb, but then started sliding down the road again (while more cars were coming up towards us). Eventually Kathie was able to guide the car to part of the road with snow rather than ice, and we were able to drive back the way we had come from, and take main roads the rest of the way home. All in all though it’s nice to finally have some snow this winter! Now we’re ready for Spring to come ;-)

In more exciting news, Eric and Sundee in Tucson were Wii shopping this weekend and were able to get one for us too, so before long we’ll be playing Wii Sports, Raving Rabbids, and Zelda! We just need to be sure we have the new, stronger wrist straps so we don’t throw the remote into the TV!


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