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Oncologists play games, too

In preparation for the Wii’s arrival, I went to E.B. Games in Reston yesterday morning right as they opened, to get some games, cables, and extra controllers. As I was paying for my stuff, I noticed that right next to me, browsing the games, was my Oncologist! We chatted for a bit – it’s definitely a little weird running into people in a context you’re not used to. It makes some sense though, since during my last appointment, we ended up chatting about Gameboy games (well, Kathie and he did anyway!)

Chemo #5 went well, though they were busy and it took almost an hour longer than last time. I also got a subcutaneous Aranesp shot at the end, since my red blood counts have been slightly below normal the last three times I was tested. Aranesp causes the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells, similar to how the Neulasta shot I get the day after every treatment causes production of white blood cells.

Our Wii is now hooked up, and we started playing with it last night. It’s still too early to make a full report, but it’s definitely been fun so far. Every store near us was sold out of controllers (Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, E.B. Games, GameStop) but after some calling around, I found that the Target in Leesburg had a few left, so I drove there and got the last two controllers… and when I got to the check-out, the person in front of me had a controller too! They’re almost as hard to find as the Wii’s themselves. The Wii comes with Wii Sports (tennis, bowling, baseball, etc.), and I bought Elebits, Rayman, and Zelda. Since the Wii plays all GameCube games too, we still need to finish up Resident Evil 4 which we’ve been playing on the GC for the last few weeks.


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