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  • on January 30, 2007 -
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Wii fun

Nothing much to report on the chemo front. #5 went about as expected… was feeling worn out Friday through Monday, and had the usual bad taste in my mouth. Felt more tired and weak than previous times, but I am mostly back to normal now.

The Wii has been a lot of fun! The News, Weather, and Internet channels are well done, but not particularly interesting since it’s a lot easier to just sit in front of a computer (there’s no shortage in this house) to check those things. The included Wii Sports game is simple but lots of fun. Zelda is about as expected, and doesn’t seem really Wii-centric… it could just as easily be played on other consoles (except for catching fish perhaps). Elebits is a great Wii title, is lots of fun, and makes excellent use of the Wii’s motion controls. Raving Rabbids is hilarious… it’s a set of mini-games, which should be great for parties. The animated Rabbids in the game keep us laughing the whole time we’re playing… keep your eyes open for some TV commercials!


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