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  • on March 6, 2007 -
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Back from Florida

After a few days of hardcore relaxation and stuffing ourselves with food at Hotel Mom, we’re back in Virginia. Florida was mostly nice and warm, in the 80s our first two days which gave us some chances to go swimming in Mom’s pool. About the only “interesting” thing we did was drive up to Tampa (about two hours North) on Saturday to visit the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary. They’re a group of volunteers who take care of abandoned or abused lions, tigers, etc., usually taken from small circuses or private zoos, and also from private owners who paid tens of thousands to buy illegal cubs, thinking “if I raise it from birth, it will be tame”, only to find out that these animals aren’t wired the same way as housecats. Below are a few of the photos we took, of a Lioness, Tiger, and Snow Leopard…


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