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  • on March 22, 2007 -
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Love potion #9

Oh wait, that wasn’t love, that was poison! So, chemo #9 is a day behind me now, but what a long day it was. Pretty much everything went slower than usual. My appointment was at 9:30am, and usually the infusion room is only half full that early, but I ended up getting the next to last seat (out of around 14 seats). Still, I didn’t get any IV drugs until around 11am, and that was just my pre-meds (anti-nausea, etc.) so we didn’t get out until after 2pm. There’s only 3 or 4 chemo nurses so they’re constantly running from patient to patient changing meds, doing interviews, going to the pharmacy to pick up meds, resetting IV pumps, etc. They’re tireless in their efforts, but are fighting a losing battle. Also, two of the IV pumps were broken, so they had to fight over the remaining ones. It was kind of like when the parking lot is full and everyone’s stalking the people walking to their cars, hoping to get their spot, except in this case it’s watching which IV drip is almost empty, and hovering at that pump to grab it when it’s done. I crashed extra hard after chemo, this one made me really sleepy. Today I’m feeling “slow motiony” (not a word, but it’s exactly how I feel), just generally groggy and tired, and with no appetite. The good news is, after the side effects from this time wear off, only 3 more to go!


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