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Chemo update

I guess I should write about cancer/chemo once in a while… it’s become so routine that my blog has evolved into a more traditional journal, covering random goings-on.

Last Wednesday was #11, which means there’s only one treatment left (yeah!). #11 was the most efficient yet, and we were out of there just about 3 hours after arriving. The office was not nearly as crowded as the previous time. Side effects have gotten pretty predictable so there’s not much new to say &mdash run down/tired, no appetite, bad taste, etc. The only changes are that my peripheral neuropathy (numbness of extremities &mdash fingertips in my case) has gotten noticeably worse in the last month or two, and my shortness of breath is much worse during the first five days or so after chemo (normal activities tire me out, and I can’t take deep breaths). Fortunately, both should improve once I’m finished. Can’t wait for that!

I’ve got my second PET scan scheduled for the week after the final treatment. We met with my Oncologist last week and he says he fully expects it to come back clean. I’m also scheduling with my surgeon to get my chemo infusion port removed two weeks after the final treatment. That will be a day I’ll be looking forward to! The port is a constant annoyance (seat belts are the worst since they cross right over it &mdash very uncomfortable) and I can’t wait to get it out.

So, as things wrap up, expect to see more blog entries about yard work and vacations instead of cancer and chemo!


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