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Venice: Wrap-up

A beautiful old house we passed on the water-bus.

On Sunday, day three, we spent the whole morning and early afternoon getting to our ship, the new Emerald Princess. We just missed the bus in town and had to wait half and hour for the next one. There were lots of people (like us) boarding the bus with suitcases so we were worried about space, but we all fit. After arriving in Venice we wheeled our luggage the mile or so to the cruise terminal. We were later told there was a complimentary shuttle bus, but we never found it. After checking in at the terminal, going through security, dropping off our luggage, and checking out our room, we headed back out to Venice for some more sight-seeing.

Leonardo da Kathie

Freaky giant metallic skull we sailed past on the Grand Canal during our gondola ride.

Monday was our fourth and final day in Venice, and we woke up to overcast skies and light rain. We didn’t mind too much since we had three days of perfect weather, but most of the other passengers were probably a bit disappointed since they didn’t have much time in Venice. The ship sailed at 1:30pm, and it was a very scenic sail-away… especially since the top deck of our ship was the tallest point in all of Venice, towering above all the buildings. The rain and haze didn’t allow for any truly great photos, but that didn’t stop me from trying!

Sailing past Venice on the Emerald Princess.

Passing in front of St. Mark’s belltower

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