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The rest of the photos

Well, if you’re still here, congratulations for making it through (or deleting without reading) our little vacation story! It was a great trip, and writing about it helped us appreciate it even more.

I’ve finally finished going through the 1,500 pictures we took on vacation, touching up a lot of them to improve the color balance or exposure, or to edit out an offending light pole. I was able to throw away almost half, leaving around 800 photos in my album. A sampling of the better photos was included in the blog, but the rest of the pictures are now in our gallery. Check ’em out!

Our Mediterranean cruise photo gallery



  1. Scott Nolan
    July 26, 2007

    I am thoroughly enjoying the photos and the narrative, and your whole trip is bringing back fond memories of Erci and me traveling through Greece and Turkey in 2000.

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Pablo
    July 30, 2007


    I appreciated the write-up a lot. I previously had no intentions of going to Turkey and only mild curiosities about Greece, but the Mykonos and Turkey entries changed that.