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New web site launched!

After a few (ok… more than a few) hiccups, the new is finally live!  There were far more moving pieces than I’d originally planned, including a few last-minute issues.  In short, I’ve set up WordPress software on a new server, and have consolidated almost all my content there under the name (no more separate domain).  That meant migrating my existing blog from Google’s, my static pages from (the Linux server in our basement), our photo gallery, and a few other odds and ends.  At the same time, I was implementing a few new things for the web site, which you’ll mainly find in the sidebars to the right.  They include live status updates from FaceBook, daily updates from on what our XBox 360 thinks I’ve been spending my time on each day, and personalized video game lists pulled from  Also along the top of this page are high-level menu options for the major parts of the site.

If you’re subscribed to the daily email updates or the RSS feed, you should continue to receive updates from the new site automatically.  Since the feed is smart enough to detect that the blog is running on a new site, it thinks all the posts are new, so you’ll probably see 10 or so blog entries that you’ve already seen before during the day of the switchover (today, Wednesday).  Sorry about that!

Look for a more detailed post on my WordPress configuration once things settle down a bit.



  1. timojhen
    September 13, 2007

    Looks great! Definitely interested in your wordpress config thoughts, since I’ve muddled with it a bit… without the razor focus and determination you seem to have!! ;-)

  2. Scott Nolan
    September 13, 2007

    New worpress site looks great – and I am happy I don’t have to sign into google/blogger to comment. I am interested in what you use to filter and ignore comment spam in your word press – I simply have the default akismet stuff – and it mostly works – but a few spam comments get into my moderation queue every week.

  3. mike
    September 17, 2007

    Just akismet for now. There are lots of other plugins out there… if it becomes a problem I’ll try them out.