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  • on October 25, 2007 -
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Gmail adds IMAP!

Time to celebrate!  At long last, Google has added IMAP support to Gmail.  This means that instead of having to use Gmail’s web interface, I can finally use Apple’s fine program to read my mail on both my Macs, and the mail will stay in sync between the two.

When I signed up for Gmail a year or so ago, I checked for IMAP support and saw it was missing.  I checked again about 4 months ago and there was nothing.  Just for fun, I did a search today for “gmail imap” and got some hits!  Coincidentally, IMAP support was just announced yesterday, and is being rolled out to users over the next couple days.  Many people report that it’s working for their accounts already, though it’s still missing from mine.  That’s OK, I’ll try tomorrow.

Here’s the announcement from Google.


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