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Follow-up PET scan: clean

Last week I had another quarterly PET/CT scan to continue verifying the success of my chemotherapy ([[wplink chemofreedom]] was 7 months ago), and this morning I had my oncologist appointment to review the results. My doctor said I got an A+ on the test, and everything looks good (including the unexpected stomach and intestinal uptake seen in the last PET).

Reading the report from the PET lab, they do comment on several new areas of uptake on the scan, “probably representing brown fat uptake”. Great, now I’ve got a thousand dollar scan telling me I’m getting fat! Just switching to [[wplink coke-zero]] apparently hasn’t been enough to stem the tide. I think for now I’ll just say it’s keeping me warm for the winter, and I’ll watch my weight better in the spring :-)

Look for another update in March!



  1. Sue
    December 11, 2007

    Way to go, Mike!! That’s the best news of 2007!!

  2. Les Greenberg
    January 3, 2008

    Great news on the Pet Scan!!