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Back to work

As many of you know already, my extended vacation is over, and I’m returning to the “real world”. I was off work for 9 months, and boy was it nice! This coming Monday (yes, Christmas Eve) will be my first day at Comcast Cable. Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia, but they recently opened a small office in Northern Virginia, which is where I’ll be working. I’m building a new systems operations team here to run the voicemail system for the millions of Comcast telephone service customers. Even though I haven’t officially started yet, I’ve been spending the past few weeks recruiting and interviewing candidates to get a head start on building the Virginia operations team. I’m looking forward to getting started for real next week!



  1. Vnend
    December 22, 2007

    Congratulations on the new job, and good luck in the team building. Comcast took over out here a year ago November, and, all in all, they haven’t been a huge improvement over Adelphia. You won’t be in a position to improve the bits that have been annoying, but hopefully you will set a new standard that the rest of the company will strive to emulate.

  2. Nick
    December 22, 2007

    Yay, toy money !!