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Jury Duty

I got a Jury Duty notice in the mail recently. In Fairfax County, you have to serve (or at least be available) for at least two days during a two week period.

Monday the 17th I showed up at the courthouse at 8:15. The courthouse is brand new — it had just opened the previous week. They even have WiFi access for jurors to while away the time… as long as their computers don’t have built-in cameras, which mine does. I waited around until 11am with 80 or so other people, until an officer came in and called about half of us (but not me) to go with him for a trial. Well, around noon they all came back in… apparently the case was settled out of court, and we were all no longer needed.

Tomorrow is the second day of my two-week term, but according to the web site, my group isn’t needed, so I’m off the hook for at least the next three years.


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