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Game Review: The Orange Box – Team Fortress 2

If you look through my gaming posts, you’ll recall the The Orange Box contained five games on one disc. Portal and Half Life 2 were both excellent, and I was surprised to discover that Team Fortress 2 — which didn’t look appealing to me at all — is at least as much fun, if not more!

Team Fortress 2

It’s a typical two-team strategy game, with variants of capture-the-flag, territories, etc., but is done in a kind of “Road Runner” cartoon motif that works surprisingly well. There are also many different classes of characters to choose from (soldier, spy, scout, engineer, etc.) each with very different abilities, and somehow they’re all fairly well balanced.

Our Xbox 360 gang played this game nearly continuously for 6 months, until we finally got tired of the somewhat limited map selection, and switched off to Rainbow Six Vegas recently.


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