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Hawai’i Trip, Part 7

We woke up Thursday morning with no real idea of what we wanted to do for the day. We had already seen Kona, travelled north towards Hilo, drove south to the coffee farms and volcano. We had covered pretty much everything that we could do with our little compact car.

Early in the morning, Kathie decided we should go kayaking. On our catamaran snorkeling trip, she noticed a kayak company in the same harbor so she fired up the laptop and found their phone number. We called and they had two spaces available for that morning so we reserved them and got ready. We had time to stop at our favorite morning café, but we only got croissants to go while we headed to the harbor for an early start. Again we had a very small crowd of maybe 12 people and 6 kayaks total. We paddled out of the harbor into Keauhou Bay and into the ocean. The water is quite beautiful with visibility of over 30 feet deep.

We headed south along the cliffs and stopped at Kuamoo Bay and a sea cave also called Dragon’s Throat Sea Cave. The sea cave wasn’t very deep since it’s still pretty new. The guide would take each kayak to the mouth of the entrance and talk about the formation of sea caves and the hawaii shoreline. The cave is called Dragon’s Throat because of the force and spray of water coming from the back of the cave. When the waves come into the cave, there’s a small pocket of air in the back of the cave and with the force of the water, there’s a large booming noise and large spray of water coming back out. It makes kayaking to the entrance of the cave rather exciting since the swells will push us towards then back out of the entrance.

After the sea cave we stopped for some snorkeling and refreshments. The snorkeling was pretty good, not as nice as Kealakekua Bay; however we were lucky to see a pod of dolphins including a mother and baby very close to us. We climbed out of the water for a while to enjoy some snacks, drinks, and great pineapple. For those more adventurous there was a chance to jump off a 23-ft cliff into the water below. Kathie couldn’t resist and tried it pretty quickly but she couldn’t even come close to convincing Mike to make the plunge. Once we finished snorkeling, eating, and jumping we headed back to the Bay.

In Keauhou Bay we were able to get our dog fix. A local comes by every morning with his chocolate retriever Achtung. She’ll retrieve coconuts from the harbor for hours. Kathie had a blast playing with Achtung, especially since the dog would dance in circles waiting for us to throw the coconut into the water. While playing, we got to see a couple of green turtles eating algae at the bottom of the seawall.

We headed back to the condo to shower, clean off, and relax. Since this was nearing the end of our vacation, we wanted to find someplace relatively nice to eat dinner. Using the wonders of the internet we found Don the Beachcomber’s restaurant in Kona that had a lot of great reviews. Mike made the reservation. Kathie enjoyed the seafood, Mike liked the steak, but it wasn’t up to mainland standards in our opinions. After dinner we walked around Kona for a while checking out the various shops, enjoying the weather, and the atmosphere.

Sunset dinner at Don the Beachcomber’s


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    December 30, 2011

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