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  • on February 22, 2007 -
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#7 Day 1

Chemo #7 went smoothly Wednesday, though it took much longer than expected. They were short one nurse so everyone had to wait. My appointment was for 10am but I didn’t even get hooked up to the IV until 11. Was there till 2:30. Was doing work most of the time but got really groggy towards the end and had to put the laptop down and close my eyes for a while. Actually fell asleep during the ride home, and then slept on the couch for the afternoon.


  • on February 11, 2007 -
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Returning to normal

Well, fortunately Saturday was more like a normal chemo Saturday. I was only slightly more tired than usual, and only had a little nausea. Bad food taste was back to being my major complaint, which is typical. Today (Sunday) that’s slowly starting to subside. Hopefully next time will be more like the last few treatments, and not like this one!


  • on February 10, 2007 -
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Number 6 continued

Friday turned out to be worse than Thursday… good thing I stayed home from work! The nausea continued, plus I was extremely tired and napped on and off in the morning and early afternoon. After soup for lunch I took some compazine for the nausea, and I think that made me even more sleepy, since I then slept away the entire afternoon on the sofa, not waking until around 6:00pm. Even after sleeping much of the day, I slept another full 9 hours overnight. I guess this is the type of extreme fatigue I was warned about at the beginning, but have been fortunate enough to avoid up until now.


  • on February 9, 2007 -
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Wednesday was chemo #6… the halfway point… all downhill from here… light at the end of the tunnel… etc.

At least that was the plan. Unfortunately, since then I’ve experienced my first real nausea since starting chemo, even though I’ve been taking my daily Emend pills (Wed/Thu/Fri). Thursday was the worst, with it hitting halfway through lunch, and again during dinner, and I wasn’t able to finish either meal. Not sure if this is part of the “cumulative effect” of chemo, and it’s going to keep getting worse, or if it’s a one-time thing for some reason. Obviously I’m hoping for the latter. Taking it easy at home today, working part time, drinking lots of water, and getting some rest.


  • on January 30, 2007 -
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Wii fun

Nothing much to report on the chemo front. #5 went about as expected… was feeling worn out Friday through Monday, and had the usual bad taste in my mouth. Felt more tired and weak than previous times, but I am mostly back to normal now.

The Wii has been a lot of fun! The News, Weather, and Internet channels are well done, but not particularly interesting since it’s a lot easier to just sit in front of a computer (there’s no shortage in this house) to check those things. The included Wii Sports game is simple but lots of fun. Zelda is about as expected, and doesn’t seem really Wii-centric… it could just as easily be played on other consoles (except for catching fish perhaps). Elebits is a great Wii title, is lots of fun, and makes excellent use of the Wii’s motion controls. Raving Rabbids is hilarious… it’s a set of mini-games, which should be great for parties. The animated Rabbids in the game keep us laughing the whole time we’re playing… keep your eyes open for some TV commercials!