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New web site banner images

I’ve replaced the set of banner images at the top of my web site with a new batch. The old ones were all from our Mediterranean Cruise earlier this year, and the new ones are just a variety of photos from the last few years. If you’re reading the blog through e-mail or RSS feeds, stop by the web site and check out the new banner images! They change every 10 seconds or so, and clicking on (almost) any will take you to the full version of the photo. Enjoy!



About two weeks ago Kathie and I rented a cabin in the Shenandoah mountains for a couple days. We went hiking with Max at Skyline Drive, we did lots of reading, played Scrabble, did a jigsaw puzzle, watched a Harry Potter DVD, and ate lots of snacks.

We also had a fireplace.

Shortly after starting the fire, I realized I have never really tried photographing fire before, so I gave it a try. Here are a couple of pictures. The first two were taken at 1/30 and 1/10 second exposures. The last one is with the flash on, which obviously isn’t a good thing.

2007-11-12-045281.jpg Fire Fire


New web site banners

If you’re reading this blog via e-mail or RSS feed, you won’t have noticed the variety of new banner images randomly parading their way across the top of the www.mfischer.com site. Stop by and check them out… click on the banner to visit the [[wplink banner-photos]] page to read the background behind this change, and check out all the new images. Here’s one, to give you a feel for the type of banner image I’m talking about:

Example banner


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Doggie tech support

Kathie snapped this great picture last week of Max helping me out with my web surfing, so I thought I would share:

Mediterranean vacation journal

Mediterranean vacation journal

In August after returning from our Mediterranean cruise, I spent a pretty good amount of time sorting and touching up our digital photos (around 1,500 of them). I took the best of the photos, and using my blog entries as a guide, created a physical photo journal book through the online service Blurb.com. Creating the book was no easy task, but the results are pretty amazing, and I’m very happy I went to the effort. The book is a hardcover, 38-page journal and cost around $30.00 to have professionally printed and bound. Below you can see the results (click on the photos for larger views). Since additional pages are very inexpensive ($5 for another 42 pages) I’m thinking of adding more photos and having another book or two made, but haven’t decided if I have the motivation to do that just yet.