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  • on July 20, 2007 -
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By the time we arrived in Marseille, France, on day 14 of our trip, we were pretty worn out, and decided to spend the day relaxing on the ship. We knew going in that Marseille would be the city we would be most likely to skip, as there aren’t any major tourist attractions nearby. By staying on the ship, we did get to witness some French civil security forces practicing air maneuvers right off the side of our ship. It appears they may have been practicing putting out fires — the planes would skim the water’s surface, then moments later release a torrent of water that they scooped up. It made for an entertaining distraction for a half-hour or so, as they circled over and over again repeating the maneuver.

Three of the four planes coming around to scoop up some water

One of the planes dropping its payload of water

Close-up of one of the planes

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